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Zufriedener Facility-Manager von HOCHTIEF AG mittleren Alters mit seinem iPad

synexs. Work made easy.

What is it that makes a job particularly interesting and attractive? And above all: What is it like to work at synexs?

Our team consists of supporters and forward-thinkers, so that our customers can concentrate on their core business.

People, who are doing their utmost, who want to make a difference and strive with all their seven senses. Always passionate to find the best solution. Who love to look beyond their own nose and feel comfortable in a corporate culture that is characterized by constructive cooperation. Contribute ones talents for the benefit of the client. Show appreciation for one another, interact with each other openly and respectfully:

This is what it is like to work at synexs.

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Engagierte und kompetente junge Frau fühlt sich wohl im Team von synexs

Do you fit into our team?

Excellent grades, CV and professional experience - nice if everything fits perfectly. Our everyday work is determined by data and systems. Precisely for this reason, we particularly appreciate the human aspect. Life is not always going straight as planned. We don’t consider falling down as a problem, only to remain lying. Besides professional qualifications and competences in the field of technology, business management, IT or administration, we are looking for people, who are a perfect match for our team.

Those people are open for new things and constant change. They don’t feel demanding work and responsibility as a load, but as a delight. They don’t see problems, but find solutions and they are not impressed by facades but by content. They don’t just appreciate values like team spirit, competence, quality, agility, flexibility, resilience, honesty, reliability, enthusiasm and empathy in others, but also represent these themselves.

Open positions, for which we are currently seeking those people, are advertised in the HOCHTIEF Job Search. Here you can set a filter on the division synexs. Of course, unsolicited applications are also welcome there.

Welcome to synexs!

What we offer.
Working at synexs.
Erfahrener Facility Manager von synexs freut sich über HOCHTIEF als innovativen Arbeitgeber

Our hierarchies are flat, our management style is dialogue- and solution-oriented.

Our hierarchies are flat, our management style is dialogue- and solution-oriented.
Working at synexs means startup feeling combined with the security, career development opportunities and responsibility of one of the leading construction groups with headquarters in Germany that operates all over the world - what makes HOCHTIEF stand out as a top employer is naturally present also at synexs.

The professional activities and positions at synexs are as versatile and individual as the requirements and needs of our clients. Regardless of whether these are technical, commercial, organizational or administrative: there are new and demanding challenges every day, because we have the most varied job all about facilities, buildings and properties of our clients.

In our world, team spirit is not only an empty phrase, individuality not a contradiction to this and commitment the most natural thing on earth. We have big rooms and open ears for fresh ideas, we use our mouth to express sincere appreciation and constructive criticism. This way, we create a very flexible, warm, joyful and open work atmosphere that always puts one thing first: high commitment for our clients and enthusiasm for the subject.

Working at synexs.


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